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Have any of you found any support groups in your area?

I live in Hampton Roads in Virginia and we have started forming a group here. I am an admin for a facebook group called Narcolepsy Virginia on top of helping with this group. I have started directing some individuals to this group. This will be our second meeting that we have had together. However, it will be different ladies this time.

I have set up the location both times and this time it will be at my own home. I am so excited that the group is coming together again because these women live more locally than some who came last time. We had Julie, who is in this group, come last time all the way from NC. The ladies coming this time are mostly right here in the area but I think 1 or 2 are coming from Richmond. So they have a bit of a drive. We are also making it a World Cup Final event as well, due to the fact that some of us are avid watchers of this sporting event lol.

I am just so glad that things like this can come together and that we can be there for each other like this! More things like this need to be put together. Have you thought about doing this in your area?

That is very exciting. There is nothing like meeting up face to face to help you feel connected and supported. Take some photos and let us know how it goes!

Here is a photo of all of us. Each and everyone of us has Narcolepsy and all but one of us has cataplexy as well.
57-IMG_30072146208179.jpeg (70.7 KB)

Great photo, Kristin. Thanks for sharing!

This could be of interest to members near to Boston
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Here is a list of support groups in the US