Trying to get all PWN connected internationally

I'm not sure if any of you are part of any Narcolepsy Facebook groups but there are hundreds of them. I'm signed up to so many support groups and information sites! Anyway I have created a Facebook group called 'Narcoleptics Internationally' and what I aim to do is connect all the PWN at this one site. Now this is not to replace any other groups as they all have different purposes but I thought it would be a worthwhile activity to create an avenue to be able to get in touch with all PWN all around the world at once. (A great deal of groups are for people in their own country/state or town)

Some say - 'do we really need another group?' and I'd agree that duplicate groups are counterproductive however this group is different to others as I am ACTIVELY recruiting PWN from all of my sources. (hence this post which I will distribute to many forums)

I'm even hoping to get people from France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and other countries (not just the obvious English speaking ones) involved so we can learn from them. I have big ambitions for this group but it will only be worthwhile and productive if I can reach as many PWN as possible.

I can't do this on my own so if you would like to help please let me know. Particularly if you are fluent in another language perhaps you can help me liaise with people from other countries. Please follow the link below to request to join my group and if you could message me to let me know if you are interested in helping or if you have any relevant skills or contacts.

Love Stacey x

Narcoleptics Internationally

Hi Stacey - Facebook is kind of a sub optimal experience for a lot of people. I understand the ease of use, but there is something more intimate about a group like ours that is a stand-alone site. Sounds like you are a good person, trying to help out, but I think if you spend some time here, you will like it.