Sleepy pics

Has anyone had complaints in their photos that they always blink when the flash goes off or that you look tired/stoned in the resulting image? Every image that is taken of me results in me looking half asleep or having my eyes closed.

Hi trtlator: Yes, I have complained myself because every picture that I have had taken, my eyes are closed. I've tried to take some selfies to post to facebook or send to friends and I'm too embarrassed to post or send them.

Yes… Looking stoned in a lot of them. Wedding day the photographer kept telling me to open my eyes. He wasn’t aware I had narcolepsy at the time. I look stoned in so many of them.

A friend invited me to an auction last weekend. I dressed nice and went. At dinner across from me was a man whose adult children I had worked with. He asked to take a selfie with me to send to them so I said okay, knowing that I wasn't quite alert. It wasn't good but I insisted it was alright because I hate pictures taken of me when I'm half zonky. I'm glad you brought this up cuz it's one of those things I try to ignore but it happens! It was after dessert, too. (zzz...) My meds kicked in shortly after and I was okay.