Point Guard Plays Defense While Asleep

Snooze, you lose.

Well, not if you're Snyder Girls Basketball Team’s Shelby White.

Shelby is Snyder Cyclone’s defensive specialist, Coach Jeremy Tharps’ 5-foot-2 guard whom he pits against their opponents’ best players tall and small. She helped her Oklahoma City team win last year’s Class 2A National Championship. And she does it while asleep.

Oh! Did I mention she suffers from narcolepsy?

Integris’ Dr. Jonathan Schwartz diagnosed Shelby with narcolepsy three years ago. The condition causes her to randomly she fall asleep, in any circumstance. She may have her eyes open and continue whatever she is doing – but she is actually sleeping.

Shelby explains that there are blank spots in her mind for just about every game she plays.

“I remember the points of the game up until where I go to sleep,” White said. “I don't remember anything from when I'm asleep. It just randomly goes out. I look like I'm completely awake, but zoned out.”

But that does not stop this athletic girl. Her coach has learned to detect if she was already, err, snoozing on the floor and takes her out to, err, doze off while grabbing a bite.

What a way to win, huh?

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Oklahoma High School Basketball Player Who Plays Defense in Her Sleep