Other meds

So i suffered from undiagnosed narcolepsy all the way into my late forties. The last few years were virtually unbearable from the Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. However, i accidentally discovered that the OTC medication Dextromethorphan eliminates the sleepiness completely. At my weight 300 mg of DXM will affect me in about 90 minutes and provide at least 6 hrs of alert wakefulness. Through knowing other people who also take high levels of DXM i have discovered at least one if not two more narcoleptics in a small group of peers. Apparently three of us were using the med for the same reason: it’s the only thing keeping us awake and one of those others uses Adderall daily as i do. Has anyone else had any experience with DXM / “cough syrup”? Or is anyone interested in the drug? I have a plethora of information.