Thank you for adding me

After 35 + years of useless& quite expensive testing, about four months ago I was finally diagnosed with Narcolepsy. Cataplexy, sleep paralysis, hallucinations & all that comes with Narcolepsy seems to be my issues fir all these years. I asks have sleep apnea and central apnea. For me, the biggest hurdle right now is retraining my mindset. All the years of misdiagnosis led to some severe emotional problems & all the joys that come with it. I moved to Portland yesterday from a very small town and am in hopes that I can finally build a life of sorts here. Away from my entire family for the first time ever at 50 years young so experiencing a bit of adjustment here. Again, Thank you for adding me to the group. Hoping ti make some good connections and learn from your experiences. Oh, for me, the one thing I rarely discuss with anyone other than my docs is my meds. Being a recovering addict this is what is best for me. Be blessed and have an awesome day everyone.


Welcome ViYanna ! I'm glad you finally got a correct diagnosis. I know how frustrating, bewildering and emotionally draining it is to search for a correct diagnosis.

It took over a 1 1/2 years to get a prescription for Nuvigil and it took me 18 months and 9 doctors to get a correct diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis. Meanwhile, I had horrible foot pain requiring a handicap parking permit because most days I could barely walk any distance and went 10 days in bed with feet raised, icing and walking on my tip toes to get around my house a little.

I hope your new home is working out for you and hope to see you around the forum often !



Thank yiu Frances. It’s going well. A bit overwhelming but I am happy so far.

We are here to support you.

ViYanna Rosemarie said:

Thank yiu Frances. It's going well. A bit overwhelming but I am happy so far.

Yes, welcome! I wasn't diagnosed until age 45 or so, and it took time to figure out what kinds of things were most helpful. Number one was acknowledging that I really did need (at least) one good nap per day rather than several 10 min. naps. I finally have a routine of sorts and I feel better. I know you find out what works for you!

Thank you for sharing! I have the same diagnosis except without sleep apnea, and I too am a recovering addict.

I don’t meet many who will admit to bEing in recovery so thank you! !!