How can you become your child’s best cheerleader?

Seeing your own child suffering from Narcolepsy may feel like the most difficult challenge of all. Most moms out there would often ask a lot of Hows and Whys in life.

It is normal to be puzzled how to be strong for your child when you are also suffering the same disease. Oftentimes, you’d ask how you can make your daughter brave and strong. “How can I make her believe she can make it through? How can I cheer her up?” are normal questions that typically occur in mind.

Click on this link Newsletter: My Child has Narcolepsy to lead you to an impassioned plea of a mother whose daughter is suffering from the same disease (Narcolepsy), which will unlock the answers on how to become your kids' “greatest advocate, their loudest cheerleader.”

This is Linda Bossert and her daughter Wendy Gragg. Both are suffering from Narcolepsy and has stood the test of times.