What can you do for you son?

Caroline Hadfield shares a story about his 6-year old son Josh who is suffering from Narcolepsy. Josh who was diagnosed with the disease at four experienced several uneasy symptoms. According to Caroline, Josh wakes up at least four times a night looking for food or water. He also had personality change, from a happy little boy to an angry kid.

To spread awareness and raise funds for Josh, at 41 Caroline is ready to take one of the bravest actions in her life- a tandem parachute jump. The event will take place on July 6 and will also benefit a charity that is close to Caroline’s heart, the Narcolepsy UK.

Moms can do anything to show her love for her son. Although they may not be as challenging as parachute jumping, simple things like preparing a breakfast or picking up at school is already an act of love.

Cheers to you Caroline Hadfield and good luck for your parachute jump. :)

Great post Mary!

Thank you Scott. :)

God Bless you and your son. I can't imagin having to live and understand something like this at his age.You are a brave mom and I'm sure you son is proud to have you for a mom.