My narcolepsy Life in the Daily Mail newspaper

I was contacted by an agency who wanted to write a piece on my life with narcolepsy, which ended up in the Daily Mail newspaper. Its by no means the article I would have liked to have seen printed, and some of the quotes weren't actually mine (those who know me will be able to guess which ones!); however every little helps when it comes to awareness, right?

There's always a little bit of sensationalizing in these articles, to get readers' attention, isn't there? But, well done! And your family photos are lovely.

It was very badly written and she mkssed out the bits i really wanted to see in it. I was happy to share my story as I self diagnosed after reading about a woman's story in a magazine.

My girls are gorgeous, but then I'm biased!

They are very pretty, like their mother. :)

Wonderful article! And major WoW for you being so open and so brave!!!
Reporters always mess things up a little bit here and there but you message comes through loud and clear. I feel the rest of the world prefers not to acknowledge narcolepsy disease and the life we live with each day.
I have close family who try to understand but still don’t get it. Recently I tried to explain brain fatigue like how you feel after taking a 2-3 hour college entrance exam…he said “yea, I work 9 hours every day and feel that way…” I didn’t push it any farther but “Hum, you have no idea of what I’m talking about”. I have to accept that kind of lack of understanding stuff over and over and just let it go…
Now for a smile! Easter Sunday just wanted to stop in to a new church and did. When I sat down I realized I didn’t tell anyone I might pass out…the funny part I was thinking… I didn’t want some stranger doing CPR on me - LOL!!! This thought made me smile a bit…!

Take care and thanks for sharing the article!


I think the article provided everyday "normal" people a glimpse into what it's like to have narcolepsy and cataplexy. But, I agree she probably didn't "get" what you were telling her as most people don't. You and your children are gorgeous -- the photographer was excellent. I am not ashamed of my condition but I have been in the past when I was trying to keep my working career together! As a matter of fact, my daughter reminded me this weekend that I don't have to live in that world anymore and that early humans slept on and off throughout the day and night. Maybe I still have that 1 genome that the ancients carried in their DNA! Haha

Also a good point about the split sleep cycle. It’s not all that uncommon as I read about it some where.

Take care,

I just saw this post and read the article. Journalistic style and poor grammar aside I think it was great that you got so much information out there. Journalists always disappoint to some degree but there was actually a lot of education in the piece for those of us who know very little about narcolepsy. And what beautiful photos!