Dogs Help Detect Narcolepsy Attacks

Don't you know that dogs are more than man's best friends? According to studies, dogs can be trained to detect impending epileptic seizures in their owners. :)

Now, meet SHOEBOX.

Shoebox is a registered service dog. Every time she senses that an attack is coming, she immediately barks at her master, thus allowing her master to brace herself and prevent herself from falling.

During attacks, Shoebox would lick her master's face and the duration of the attack shortens.

Check this out here

Great find Mary!

I wish I could figure out how to get a service dog to help me detect narcoleptic attacks. That would be great:)

Amazing. Also what a cute picture!

I also found this link, sorry John did not see yours, however, can never have too much info!

Wonderful concept, no wonder they are called man’s best friend!