Couple of questions :-)

Ok, one has anyone looked at getting a service dog? Cause I have started thinking about it as the cataplexy and paralysis have been starting to up lol.
Ok, two has anyone checked to see what your heart rate is right before or right after a episode? I just bought a watch that I can check my heart rate and see how many calories I am burning.

Thank you :slight_smile: y’all are all awesome :wink:
One day at a time,

Someone here posted about an amazing dog or cat they had that was super aware of her sleep states - it must be possible for an animal to learn how to assist.

I have been considering a service dog as well! I feel like it would really really help.

I have also noticed that my heart rate is abnormal all the time, but its not a heart disorder so it is confusing to me. Do you feel this too?

If you get more info on a service dog, please share so i can look into it as well


I don’t have cataplexy but if I did I would be all about having a service dog! I think it sounds like a great idea and I bet it would make you feel pretty good, too :slight_smile:

I found this article that talks about it, in case you haven’t read up on it.

I don't have severe cataplexy, I have had a few attacks in my life. I do get paralysis when I get scare or fear. So no dog for me yet. I do check my heart rate all the time, several times a day. What I have noticed is that my heart rate is high at night at bed time, even if I am sleepy, but in the morning when I wake up my heart rate is 60-63 and I can't pull myself out of bed without caffeine and modafinil.

I am! I'm doing the application process now.

Awesome! Webbibear :slight_smile: Dream Catch, when the catpaplexy starts to hit. I feel like my heart is beating fast. But yesterday I checked my heart rate when I felt like that. It was only at 65 beat’s. Thank u y’all

I just lost my puppy (she was 17) but for a dog not trained to look after me she did ! When I was having a "wobble " she would come to me and snuzzle so that people going past would not worry so much .This would also mean I felt safe and her touch could calm me down . So i would love a service dog it's the only way I would have another dog . I miss the walks though at least it got me out and about .

As for the blood pressure .Mine goes through the roof as I wobble I only know as it happens not before and after I feel dizzy and sick as the pressure comes back down . I think I;m getting better at controlling how violent the wobbles are and I walk into a room and judge where I can fall .lol . guessing its practice xxx

I forgot that we can type in 'dog' or 'service dog' into the search box above to find previous discussions about your question. Try it for other topics, too.

A service is the greatest thing i have heard ahh.. ever! I currently have large beautiful dogs, they are pets but give me much joy. They get me up, moving and even out for walks that always make me feel better. Soul healers.

Does anyone know if you can train a pet for service?

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