Do you occupy some of your waking hours with Arts and Crafts?

I noticed a large number of our members list Art or a Craft as something they are passionate about. I can’t draw for toffee but love making things for the kids, decorating cakes etc. What is your artistic passion?

I love to create new meals that I haven’t tried before, I also love to sew when energy permits.

What do you sew Punkin? As a youngster I made most of my clothes and then loved making clothes for my small children. Now I just mend things. I have a sewing machine but my fingers are too gnarled and knobbly to sew properly. I liked cooking once but a lifetime of cooking for the family since I was 10 years old has taken any pleasure out of it.

Punkin said:

I love to create new meals that I haven’t tried before, I also love to sew when energy permits.

(There an image attachment with this message space, so I chose one to share. I hope that's ok.) I've wanted to return to art, meaning hands on art, for many years. While recovering from the first episode of acute exhaustion, I began with the least messy art supplies I had - black art paper and metallic ink pens. That was five years ago, and besides amusing myself and providing art for my walls, I've actually sold some of my creations. Selling my art has never been a goal, but when I do sell something, I feel validated for my decision to return to art. After a while I began to take photographs to enhance the art I was doing. This is one of my latest pieces.

46-DSC00463.JPG (1.49 MB)

How lovely Tessa. My sister creates beautiful artworks with coloured wax and has taken up water colour painting again in her mid-sixties and finds it so relaxing and therapeutic. Art therapy is well know for its restorative benefits and this study tells it betters than I can:
Being able to sell your creations is really the icing on the cake.

I love to spend my time creating things. Every once in a great while I'll do a little bit of web or graphic design. At the dining hall I work at, I get to make food, which I love. I make a mean hand-tossed pizza. When I'm home from school I like to make replica movie props and costumes. I don't technically make money on any of those things, but people do tend to notice the work/quality, which always feels good.

I like the sound of that pizza!

Really interested in the replica movies props and costumes. What size do you make them? I remember my daughter and a friend creating a rocket command module in my hallway when they were 17 and studying art at what we call 6th form college in the UK. One went on to work in theatre and the other in film as a graphic designer. What do you plan to do with your talent?


The props and costumes are just a hobby; I'd actually prefer not to also pursue it as a career for the sake of keeping it fun as a hobby. As for your question about sizes, while I have considered making stuff to sell in the past, I don't currently sell or "offer" anything, nor do I have definite plans to do so anytime soon. I only make stuff that I myself can wear/use or display (though I have helped out friends with stuff). That being said, in the future when I have consistent access to a workspace, I'd love to find something I can do to make a little cash on the side.

That makes good sense. It’s a dicey industry to be in- probably best kept as a hobby.

I've always been crafty, preferring fiber arts such as knitting, weaving, sewing, crochet, needlepoint, embroidery. I keep busy by making lacy scarves and knitted afghans for friends. It keeps my mind occupied and I feel some accomplishment. I call it therapy. I've also been enjoying cooking, since I'm not presently working.

I am sorry you are so far away as I love the sound of the lacy scarves. I had to google an afghan as even though I travelled around Afghanistan 40 years ago I had never heard of one.

Tessa, I’m glad you’re making art again! I’m inspired by your post. I’ve had chronic exhaustion. What time of day do you like to work? Anytime?

Carol said:

Tessa, I'm glad you're making art again! I'm inspired by your post. I've had chronic exhaustion. What time of day do you like to work? Anytime?
Hi Carol, for several years I've gotten as many of the necessary house chores and my photography done in the first hours of the day as I tend to run out of energy around 1 p.m. Then I lie down and start on my art. I have a small shelf on wheels beside my bed that holds my art supplies. Even though my body is exhausted, my mind is still creative and I get a lot of time in my "studio."

I love to spin yarn, crochet, knit, sew, pretty much anything textile related! lol I enjoy cooking but you DO NOT want me to bake! lol

I spend almost all of my time at home. Its easier for me to control my cataplexy when I’m in a comfortable familiar place like home. I have much time to occupy and I spend it doing arts and crafts in my bed as well. Lol! I usually always have a Disney movie going. I like to watch movies I’ve seen a thousands times cuz I can doze off at any point, wake up and not be lost. I like to make rag dolls, jean purses, ornaments, jewelry, patch blankets, pillows, etc. I like to knitt, sew, arrange drapes, re cover old furniture, cross stitch, draw, paint, scrapbook and mend clothing. I mend a lot! I doze off every ten to twenty minutes but its fine cuz nobody is pushing me to finish or watching me to make sure o stay awake. I lose track of time and it relaxes me.