Disability Lawyer?

Does anyone know of a good lawyer that understands Narcolepsy? I’ve been trying to get it for over 4 years!

Don’t know where you’re located but I used Ken Popkess out of Sherman, Texas. He used to be a lawyer for the Social Security Administration so he knows the process inside out. He got me approved with just the one court hearing. His office isn’t fancy but he is an outstanding attorney!

Where are you located?

I suggest that you forget using a lawyer…
Contact this company:
They are the best out there.

I live near Atlanta, Ga. I’m on my second time applying was denied at first hearing. All its almost time for my second hearing.

I am so worried I won’t get it! I know that I qualify if I The right lawyer or person to get everything together and help me.my family doesn’t Understand everything and I’m scared if I don’t get it this time they may quit helping me financially . I had a great job and lost because of the narcolepsy after working there for 14 years.

Oh and Ranger where is this company located and will they come to Georgia and have you use them?

Hi Steph, I live near Atlanta also and I used The Griffin Law Firm they are awesome. Their # is 404-■■■■■■■■ best of luck to you.

Maybe you know this already, but when you were denied SSDI benefits your denial letter should have provided the phone number to call if you disagreed with the decision and need legal representation. I found a lawyer in my area this way.

National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives: 1 (800) 431- 2804

It's possible that the Griffin Law Firm rated "Awesome" by Punkin is one on their list. (The list doesn't include a rating.)