Narcolepsy and ADHD confusion

I will spare you the pretty picture this time. It is an interesting article though about the misdiagnosis of narcolepsy as ADHD.

Nel, I had this problem. My neurologist even explained this to me in a way that it was a misdiagnosis I must have had for years. When I got my diagnosis my ADHD diagnosis was removed from my medical record, but you really have to question which is better. ADHD is viewed as a disability in extreme cases (which if you are have Narcolepsy, I would view this as an extreme case of ADHD in the mid of missdiagnosis). Narcolepsy on the other hand, this is an extremely hard condition to get recognized as a disability right now. Even though it is debilitating in many cases and takes your ability to drive and function, it apparently is not worse than ADHD. Does this make sense?

I hadn’t heard that Kristin. It really is ridiculous and must be so frustrating. I know people who function well with ADHD and I really can’t imagine a doctor saying 'it’s Ok; it’s not ADHD, just Narcolepsy’
People with my condition also have a real fight on their hands to be recognised disabled, even though they can be in constant pain and often bedridden.

Kristin, that doesn’t make sense to me either. I think Social Security knows narcolepsy can be disabling.

They give disability to bipolar disorder with no second thought. I have that and I believe that is what approved my application. I have a friend fighting for disability here in VA with Narcolepsy/Cataplexy and she even gets episodes of status cataplecictus. It is insane. Even for my other health conditions, it is hard to get disability for, we really have to fight.