Cat who helped with Narcolepsy

I had a cat who was with me for 18 years and 6 days. He helped me with my Narcolepsy in such profound ways. I wonder if anyone else experienced something similar.

Kahlua found me in a bar my senior year in college. It had been 20 below 0 and someone found him and brought him into a bar. When I went to the bar that night something told me I HAD to take him home with me. Best decision of my life.

Kahlua and I had been together about a year when I was first diagnosed. It was as if he knew he had a job to do and he did it! When an alarm would go off and I ignored it, he made sure I woke up. His progression was first to knock things off my night stand, nudge me, then slap me, and if that didn't work then he would sit on my face so I would quit breathing and gasp to wake up.

Once up, he would follow me around the house. Kahlua would nudge me while I made coffee if I fell asleep. He would have a very intense, ugly howl that woke me up if I fell asleep in the shower. He would rub my leg if I fell asleep at the sink.

At night, he knew when it was time for bed. He would act up until I went to bed. When I fell asleep on our couch he would let me sleep until it was time for bed and then wake me up so I would get into bed.

When I had sinus infections that caused high fevers, I would sweat and he would lick the sweat off my forehead. If I had a cut or scrape he would lick it until I could get antibiotics and a Band-Aid on it. When I puked he would try to lick it off my face. I know - gross!

More than anything he gave me so much love. My family doesn't understand my disorder. Friends don't ask to go do stuff because you are too tired to move. I miss his love and support everyday.

I have another cat but she doesn't seem care what I do or feel. I know she is here to teach me a different lesson but I am not sure what that is. Perhaps not to be so dependent on another soul.

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I think there are lots of people who have had a special bond and understanding with a pet. It’s beyond wonderful, isn’t it? I met a woman not long ago who had a service dog who would alert her to a diabetic issue before she knew it was coming on. Kind of the same thing, right? It’s so special and so precious, that relationship! But of course, when you lose your best friend, it’s extremely hard.

Is the lesson really “not to be so dependent on another soul”? Or is it “how lucky we are if we have had such a deep an wonderful relationship with another being”? It’s all in how you look at it, isn’t it?

This thread is pretty old, but when I came across it, I found it so uplifting that I just had to respond. I hope you are doing better than you were when you wrote it. Let us know how things are with you!