Caffeine good for Narcolepsy?

I am so thankful that there are others who understand!

I want to be as healthy as possible with healthy remedies to keep me alert.

I go for the official narcolepsy sleep test in may.

I'm thinking that narcolepsy meds help stimulate the brain.

What about caffeine? It's a stimulant.

I hate coffee but always enjoy hot chocolate.

Could that be a wake me up solution without meds?

Nothing dangerous has ever happened to me thus far.

I do have extreme sleepiness and I have experienced paralysis in my sleep.

I would be able to sleep almost 24/7 if it weren't for my full-time job.

I take naps as often as possible.

Thanks All!


Hi Tenacity!

Caffeine works for everybody, luckily for most of us. It makes some people edgy, like me, so I drink decaf. Maybe combined with narcolepsy meds caffeine increases my anxiety? Good luck with your sleep test! You'll get some interesting information.

I hate coffee too!

Dr pepper is the only thing that will hit me and keep me up. Caffine pills don't work for me neither does redbull or monster or 5hr energy.

What i find that keeps me stimulated is a fan blowing on my face.