New Research: UCLA researchers find clue to Narcolepsy's cause

Wow! My husband always tells me that my brain functions differently. Now I have proof. Lol.

I am really glad to hear more research is being done about Narcolepsy because I would love to be able to stop taking so much medication just to wake up and then to go to sleep at night.

It is good to see that there is more narcolepsy research and I try to ferret out what I can!

Nel, I find this interesting, too. I looked up histamine, and Wikipedia mentions histamine has to do with sleep/wake cycles, allergies, motion sickness, vasodilation, immune responses, and suppresses some other important neurotransmitters. Years ago, Parkinson’s patients were treated with anti-histamines (before there were other drugs), but that might not relate to anything here. Anti-histamines can make people drowsy, but how?
Twenty years ago I searched online for any explanation I could find for my various symptoms, but stopped when I couldn’t figure things out past a certain point. I’ll bet this is a meaningful link to narcolepsy and I hope the scientific community follows up ASAP. Thank you for links to research!