Another Perspective

I saw a new neurologist yesterday who specializes in movement disorders. He assured me that I don't have Parkinson's disease but did notice that I have tremors in my hands. He believed that the shaking was part of carpal tunnel syndrome -- surprisingly my left hand is worse than my right hand and I use my right to control the computer mouse, etc. He gave me a few prescriptions -- one for migraines and one for restless leg syndrome. I am having an EEG or is it EKG(?) next week because he suspects I am having mini-seizures. The doc turned out to be very down to earth and knowledgeable on the subject of sleep disorders in general and the complexity of the brain and how much we do know about it and how much we don't know about how the brain works. There are so many theories of why certain medicines work, what causes migraines, it's absolutely mind-boggling.