What situations have you avoided because of narcolepsy?

Do you avoid large parties? Crowded theatres? Long drives? Stressful situations? Let us know which situations,you have avoided in the past or at present because of narcolepsy. Better still, if you have strategies to cope with these situations, please share them.

I avoid driving all together. My license is medically revoked. You are actually supposed to report to your local DMV if you have a sleep disorder like Narcolepsy and have proof from you doctor either giving you or deny you permission to drive when you are diagnosed. I also avoid most things I would have to do in the middle of the day. People don't generally realize that Narcolepsy affects us more during the day and not as much at night in the area of sleep attacks. So, I am ok to do most things at night but still no driving

So Kristin, when you are unable to sleep at night are you feeling completely wide awake?

I avoid recliners, soft furniture, and TV. When I went to the sleep lab room, there was a recliner, a TV, and a big soft bed. Looked like a trap! :slight_smile: There was a small wood table and chair, so I sat there. I take naps before parties. I get plenty of sleep before long drives, and take stimulant meds during, plus stopping immediately to nap if I feel tired. Fortunately I can sleep, and have rapid sleep onset. I tried staying in bed until I’d had enough sleep to prevent sleep attacks, but my days were too short then if I napped in the middle. This is where the C-PAP machine made a difference: my nights and days are more normal now.