Link us to your blogs!

I know that some of you have personal blogs. Can you link us to them please or if you don’t blog can you link us to blogs you like to read written by other people with narcolepsy?

I have a Facebook page called “Narcolepsy Awareness”-how would I link to it, please?

Hi pwntek. I guess we only need a name, Narcolepsy Awareness San Diego, to find your FB page. I was thinking more of people’s blogging website. One that I found, unfortunately now abandoned, was
And of course there is Julie’s
I come across them from time to time through Google Alert and will post when I do.

Got it – thanks, Nel. I guess what I was hoping for was the opportunity to post this group on my page so that more people would be aware of it. “Narcolepsy Awareness” now has over 1,900 ‘likes’ from all over the world! :slight_smile:

Great. I’ve added it to my regular reading list!