Tell me 5 things about you that aren't Narcolepsy-Related

I am sure there is much more to all of you than your condition. Tell me 5 funny, surprising, interesting, or unexpected things about you. I'll start:

1. I'm left handed.

2. I am one of six children.

3. I have lived in California, Iowa, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

4. I was on my high school gymnastics team.

5. I will NOT eat bananas.

How about you?

I am the youngest of 7

I am also the youngest of an entire generation

I have been married for 25 years

I am right handed

one more thing I do foster for animals that are left behind or are forgotten

My hobby used to be creating celebration cakes and my son has inherited the interest. My last effort was a Lightning McQueen cake for my grandson.

I once rode bare-backed on a working elephant and was scared I would go down his trunk like a playground slide.

I come from a family of talented artists and can’t even draw a circle that joins up neatly.

When I cook carrots I cut them in sticks not rounds. If they appear on my plate in rounds I have to quickly cut them up.

When I cut and paste on the computer I have this ridiculous feeling that the information is in my index finger.

That’s a great thing to do Bets. Do the pets go on to get adopted or do they stay with you?

Bets said:

one more thing I do foster for animals that are left behind or are forgotten

I love the index finger comment, Nel. Magical powers!

Cats mostly, Bets? dogs? ferrets?

Bets said:

one more thing I do foster for animals that are left behind or are forgotten

1. I went to college in Ireland and came back with my beautiful daughter Caoilainn, not a full degree (oops) lol. Best thing that ever happened to me

2. When I was diagnosed with multiple aneurysms, I started a charity organization and vowed to spend my time helping people in whatever way I could

3. I am only 4' 6.5 " 95 lbs

4. I cannot stand to hear people chewing, it literally drives me insane

5. I am secretly obsessed with the weather and wish I had gone to school to be a meteorologist

These are so great, Kristin. Such interesting info for inquiring minds. :)

Ha ha Kristin, I wondered if Caoilainn could be an Irish name. Baby beats degree any time. I thought only the Brits were obsessed with the weather.

1. I am the third out of three birth sisters (the fourth was adopted, but still our baby sister; she passed away) and I am a twin.

2. I have lived in various parts of Maryland, South Carolina and New York.

3. I am creative in many areas and currently focused in Web design, graphic design, marketing promotional material, database programming, photography editing, and editor for a newspaper.

4. I like to challenge myself physically whenever I can.

5. I think cats are so cute....from a distance (even though my son and I rescued a mother cat and her 4 kittens). I think I'm allergic to their purr. I'd rather have a dog.

Though I have to say KristenTMAAF, I can relate to your #4. Chewing gum loudly, sucking on anything loudly, and slurping....Those things drive me nuts!

Oh Kristen and Memedawn, I too hate noisy eating/drinking. I hark back with nostalgia to the days when it was rude to eat out of doors in public, or in public transport and definitely in a cinema or theatre. Popcorn eating when I am trying to enjoy a film really bugs me. We used to scrump for apples on our way home from school and were very careful no-one saw us eating our ill gotten gains, not because we had pulled them off an overhanging tree from someone’s garden but because it wasn’t polite to eat them in the street!

I love getting to know everyone this way!

1. I was born completely bald but now have thick, naturally curly hair.

2. As I child I believed that roads were paved out of quarters.

3. I am naturally very introverted and daydream like a nut, like, seriously, ALL the time. I've never stopped imagining things, no matter what I'm doing.

4. I love to sew/knit/crochet, etc. I began a Sewing Club at the school where I teach for fourth and fifth grade students.

5. I love an awesome workout and have been an athlete all my life, but I don't look like it at all. I love when friends challenge me to a workout and I run circles around them. :) Yoga, weight lifting, and aerial acrobatics are my favorites.

Such and interesting group of individuals in here! And people think all we do is daydream, not pay attention and fall asleep all day. HA! They are just jealous they can't be as cool as us :) Being tired make you creative, no matter what causes you to be tired, Nel :) We have to find things to keep ourselves going, while the rest of the world just carries on as normal. Here's to a wondrously weird, abnormal and inventive life for days to come! :)

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Exactly Kristin! I don't know anyone that are interested in the things that I take interest in or seem more evolved in their creativity like I am. They make me feel out of place because I do. Not one of my sisters, my parents, my son or my niece relate to my creative side. I feel so odd at times, because I can spend hours to myself just doing something and just trying to perfect it (of course there are my naps in-between). Yet they don't understand why I feel annoyed when I am interrupted. They don't show any passion for anything the way I do and I like being creative. I actually feel the need to, because it does keep me going when I lack in being able to do things normally. I find everyone else odd, because I don't see their drive and interest in simple things. They are always looking for something to do, yet find so many things boring or uninteresting. I guess because I always feel like I am barred away from the real world most of the time I can find enjoyment in the simplest things.

Nel, I'm trying to see if I remember those days you were talking about and I remembered that it was considered rude to eat out in public unless we were at a cookout or picnic. Mainly because it was considered rude to eat in front of someone not eating for they may be hungry, haven't eaten yet or may not be able to get to food at that moment. We were taught to consider others around us. Boy has that changed!

MissyWooton, I have to say I think you are my other twin (other, other twin :) ). There is not a waking moment that I am not dreaming. I swear my life is just a cluster of dream images mixed in with some reality and I'm always imagining something. I try to stop, but I can't and nobody knows, because I don't talk about it. It's cool that you love sewing. My grandmother taught me a few things when I was in high school, but I became interest in sewing in middle school in Home Economics. I just couldn't find the time to sew like I wanted to. Then I became interested in fashion designing and took up sewing again and stopped that too. I got depressed, put a lot of things to the side and life got crazier. Now all I think about is sewing something. My mom bought me a sewing machine and I sewed one dress. Now I am just thinking of all kinds of things I want to sew. I also crochet, but I never learned how to knit. I almost picked up a knitting kit at Walmart last month. I'm on a monthly budget so I couldn't get it. I think I will go back and get it next month. Ok, I will stop rambling now.

I have to say, I really love this group. You ALL are awesome!

My very favourite creative activity is making things out of the bits and pieces I collect in case they ‘come in useful’. I love ‘make-do-and-mend’ and no-one in my family begins to understand. I make kids’ activities all the time, a road mat with a car park and a railway line and lake with bridges made from bits of old wood. A papier mâché Antarctica on an old blue tray was somewhere to put the penguins and seals from the zoo animal box, and I made a volcanic panorama out of plaster soaked muslin to host dinosaur fights. In the garden I do my own thing too, mend a fence, build a compost making box, create a raised veg bed and put up a wigwam to grow the beans. I love my saw and hammer! I worry sometimes that I really enjoy my own company when I am making things and only the grandchildren think my efforts are worthwhile. I am always being told that I could buy one with a click of the mouse.
Are any of you thrifty hoarders?
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Nel, I used to thrifty-hoard in sets of 30. I’m an art teacher but worked before&after school and on contract basis (can’t stay alert for a full day) with almost no $ for supplies. Fortunately, kids rely on imagination before mouse-clicking, they usually don’t have money to shop for what they dream of, and that makes sense to many who have responded here! It’s so nice to read about how we all express ourselves.

  1. My projects go unfinished because my imagination fills in the blanks.

  2. I learned from a bad boyfriend that I don’t have to answer the phone or return calls.

  3. I have a crush on a guy at Dad’s retirement home.

  4. School has always been hard for me but I like it.

  5. I like to learn about human rights and civil rights because it explains our basic needs as members of a community and a society.

I love that, hoarding in sets of 30. I worked in school too but special school and sets of 8 were adequate! My daughter is an artist and there were always lots of offcuts and left over bits and pieces. I have been getting rid of piles of art stuff on Freecycle and it always goes to teachers or teacher assistants because they are never adequately funded.

I wish I could stop myself answering the phone. I hurtle downstairs on my crutch and I know it’s stupid. My daughter can happily sit by the phone and let it ring but I seem unable to do it.

I have to ask, does that guy work there or is he an inmate?

Inmate :slight_smile: