Does anybody use sunlight to encourage good circadian rhythm? Does sunlight reduce or effect your narcolepsy symptoms?

I'm attaching Ann Austin's ambitious and inspiring "Tips for Wakefulness". Sunlight is mentioned.


I need more sleep than she does, but there's got to be something for everybody in this list!

Hello All,

Where did this come from and how can I thank her?

This is the very Best I've seen and came at a good time. I've been bouncing along up/down.

Now starting to look at every area she mentions to state taking control of my lifestyle.

Fatigue beyond belief, just scheduled an appointment with a highly recomended Dr. for testing of Lyme's disease and co infections...

I know what narcolepsy fatigue is but now going towards a much lower level.

Great article, good advice!


PS: Going down to sleep asap....bummer

Hi Ranger,

It's from narcolepsy network, which is (it's on the very top of the document). Use the search box there to find the article. I tend to make web content into a Word document so when I print at the library it comes out clearly.

Good luck with the new doctor. I don't get much health advice from my sleep doctor, however she's checked both my iron and thyroid, both okay. I think even general health info can be helpful. I hope you get some answers to your questions.