Never got to MSLT

I have had three sleep tests and last night the fourth with mslt. I don’t have apnea. The tech would not give me the mslt because I did not sleep for six hours and he said I did not go into REM quick enough. He finished hooking me up at 10:19 and lights out 20min later. 5:30 he wakes me up and tells me I didn’t sleep enough and I didn’t go into REM quick enough. Hello I have insomnia. It takes me almost an hour to fall a sleep with out meds and then I wake up every few hrs. So then he says had I slept for six hours I could have tried the MSLT.

I would talk directly to the doctor, don’t take the tech’s word for it. I’m assuming MSLT is something you can use at home?

My understanding is that the MSLT is done when you should be wide awake and alert, like in the daytime when you are well-rested. I’m assuming that, because you didn’t have a decent amount of sleep overnight, doing the MSLT won’t yield any useful information. You’ll be falling asleep because you are simply dead tired.
Have you seen your doc yet? Any answers?
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I only slept four hours so they would not do mslt and I did not go into REM quick enough. I am seeing Dr in a week. There are way to many unknowns about sleep issues. It’s too bad considering the number of people affected is on the rise.

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For sure. My husband has a serious sleep disorder and has had so much testing and so much treatment and … none of it helps. Awful.