My better half has Narcolepsy

So my love was diagnosed with narcolepsy in july. I want to know if theres others on here that can give me advice on how i can make things easier for him or someone i can openly talk to about my life living with a narcolepic man. Its taken a very big toll on my life and im breaking inside. I kinda wrote on my profile what ive been dealing with since march. Please feel free to read and respond. It would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I wish I could give you helpful advice Cayleigh but I am a volunteer Ben’s Friend moderator here. I think you would gain some insight and at least a chuckle from this website
I hope you get some replies here soon. Bad time of year I suppose with Christmas looming and too much to be done! I no longer have to decorate the house with boughs of holly or pin up home made paper chains or even wrap up oresents late into the night but I remember how hectic those last couple of weeks used to be.