Medication Changes

I recently changed my sleep medication from Doxepin back to clonazepan. They both work essentially the same, however, I don't have to add xanax to the clonazepan which is a good thing. I am currently on 100 mg of Zoloft and it is not controlling the cataplexy the way venlafaxine does. My psychiatrist is going out of my network so I am supposed to find someone else to prescribe the anti-depressants but I am so sick of psychiatrists. I'm going to try to talk my primary care into prescribing a small dose of venlafaxine to add to the zoloft. This is what my sister who has narcolepsy has been prescribed and it works pretty well for her. Also, I have decided that I am not going to take amphetamines anymore. The benefits do not outweigh the side effects I experience: the feeling that I am racing around still in a total state of fatigue. I think you have to listen to your body when something doesn't feel right. I have added a B12 supplement and I think I'm starting to see results with this. What I'm trying to express here is that I have a say in how my narcolepsy is treated.

it's great that you are taking the lead on your own care.