Good Doctor. Afford meds?

Hello all,
I have a young man that is going to come and live with me. He is single and has no family. He is alone. My son has worked with him and knows him well. SayS he is brilliant and is IT HEALTHCARE. HE LOST JOB,LOST INSURANCE,CAN NOT AFFORD NEEDED MEDS AND MY SON HAS REACHED OUT TO HIM AS HE WAS CRYING FOR HELP. HE HAS SPIRALED DUE TO BEING OFF MEDICINE. IS TRAPPED IN AN APT. MY SON IS FLYING IN FROM EAST COAST TO BRING HIM TO ME.
I am trying to learn as much about this disease so I can help him resume a somewhat normal life again. My son has know him for years and had NO IDEA he had this disease. Obviously he maintained well and I also do not know how long he has has had disease,When he was diagnosed.
I gave been reading about medicines and wonder how do people afford meds??
I need to find a good Dr. In San Jose area. He has no insurance! Cobra ran out. Where he lives now my son found out that he also was off med because he could not pay his co pay so his script was held hostage until he paid previous 2 co pays! Un ethical especially for such a disease.
My son paying all expenses until get him here. My heart hurts for him.
Any suggestions about if you have no INSURANCE where to go for evaluation,
Find a good doc or clinic. Go to for meds.
Obviously I don’t have all info about disease for him. I will have son get his previous medical records.
I also feel he needs a revaluation and tweaking of meds or more! I question his treatment because of unethical treatment from Doctor about his scripts.
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Hi, Susan, start here:

Notice there is a deadline coming up soon on March 31 to apply.

This may also be useful:

There are a lot of programs for medication discounts -- I will look for those later.