Does Anyone Else Have an Auto Immune Disease?

I have Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and I'm a member of the PsA forum and although many people with PsA, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis suffer from fatigue, I'm the only on the forum with EXTREME fatigue and have re-current hypersomnia - I will sleep 16-18 hours a day for several days and I'm "out of it."

I was finally prescribed Nuvigil and it has helped immensely.

I'm curious if anyone else with narcolepsy has an auto immune disease?

Hello All,

Yes, Celiac disease (wheat, rye and barley). Also was T-2 diabetes, I forget the others...

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Hi Virginia
I have several autoimmune diseases though narcolepsy is not one of them and I know of many people in the same position.

Some time after the well reported Stanford research showing narcolepsy to be an autoimmune disease was retracted a new study again suggests the same:

“Around 3 million people worldwide suffer from narcolepsy or bouts of sleepiness and sleep attacks that can affect their ability to have a normal life. There is no cure for the disorder, and few clues about its causes. But now, a new study just published suggests it could be an autoimmune disease”

“Are individuals with an autoimmune disease at higher risk of a second autoimmune disorder?”

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I’m also a member of mypsorasisteam (mpt) and the arthritis foundation. However I was diagnosed with narcolepsy when I was 21 & then psoriatic arthritis when I was in my early 40’s. I’ve asked on the mpt if others have narcolepsy but so far no one has come forward.

Welcome to Ben’s Friends! I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there’s also a very active and well moderated community for psoriatic arthritis - click here. I haven’t seen narcolepsy mentioned there, but it may be worth looking into… Plus I’m one of the moderators there as well!

Sharon from ModSupport

I also have PsA, belong to the MPT.
I take Humira, methotrexate, Lodine & cymbalta.