Scientific study which claimed that narcolepsy is an auto-immune disease has been retracted

Wow. That was such big news when the results were first published. So narcoleptics still have hypocretin neuron death, but we are still trying to find out why? Guess they’ll just get back to work on it.

Darn, Stanford goofed? I had great hopes for that study. Thanks for the information, Nel.

Perhaps a case of acqdemia’s race to get a paper published. At least as you say Carol they are not just giving up on their research.

Has anyone ever heard about immunization s possibly causing narcolepsy. Just something I heard on a TLC program about a girl in England with Narcolepsy.

Yes, Ma, there are a number of documented cases of narcolepsy from swine flu vaccines, and we may have some members who acquired it that way.

It is sad but true Ma. In the UK where I am there were 6 million people given the vaccine Pandemrix and about 100 are known to have gone on to contract narcolepsy. In the case of our government, after denying a connection for a year, they last year accepted that the injection was the cause and agreed to compensation, which must be small if any comfort to victims and their families. There is evidence that exposure to the illness itself caused children to develop narcolepsy.

I have to say this makes me very sad. This was the one thing that kept me going knowing that this was the answer to why I went through spells of not feeling well. :( I don't believe this disproves it however, I think they just have to regroup and try again like. Not all Narcolepsy stories are the same. I have never seen an illness which is so diverse and affects each individual so differently just from one case to another.

Dancermom, I acquired Narcolepsy after having Mono (epstein bar virus caused it) when I was a child. It took me 6 months to get over the illness. After that nothing was ever the same.