Do I actually believe this?

After learning I've had narcolepsy most of my life (I'm 68 years old - diagnosis 4 months ago), my inner chatter has been nearly silent since then. I'm shocked by this information that has required me to reevaluate the long list of misdiagnoses of my health problems. I do not have MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, etc. Then this amazing thought popped out: I'm so relieved I actually have a condition that isn't my fault. Do I really believe that the ailments that have made my life very difficult are problems I caused? Apparently. Inner chatter back in business. I'm going to have to think about this a long time. Be merciful to yourself. It's hard enough to have narcolepsy without adding a layer of guilt on top of it.

Wonderful that you realize this! The battle ahead is dealing with all of the "dump kins" around you who are clue less about narcolepsy. - Including most Dr's. and insurance companies.

To thine own self be true!

Best wishes on the journey, you will make it, never quit :)