Balance: Meds and Fatigue

I’m curious about the experience of fatigue on top of narcolepsy symptoms. For example I feel fatigue: the next day after skipping naps by taking medication, after gardening outdoors (I can last longer without meds and the work is physical), after any demanding day when I push past my limit (it varies). How do you balance the sleep needed to address the fatigue and the meds needed to treat narcolepsy symptoms?

Great question! I have the same issue and I’m looking forward to hearing what others have to say.

I take my meds and still take at least one nap a day - seems to help keep the balance. Actually, my naps seem to be a better quality of sleep when I take them on meds, too - weird?

My sleep is so disruptive at night I am always feeling fatigue and sleepy from the moment I get out of bed. Short naps, exercise and diet are the only things that help with provigil. May be because I have felt like this all my life I have difficulty distinguishing between the two (sleepy and fatigue). I really no longer no the difference.