A new article from the Sleep Review Mag: "Brain Fog" May Be Debilitating Symptom

Brain Fog” May Be Debilitating Symptom -

Published yesterday.

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is a well-known symptom of narcolepsy, but EDS isn’t accurately described only as feeling tired during the day, people with narcolepsy say. It also includes cognitive impairments, commonly referred to as “brain fog” among narcolepsy patients.

More holiday reading: there is a link within the Sleep Review Mag article to the FDA Review of the public meeting to hear perspectives from people living with Narcoleosy about their disease, its impact on their daily lives and currently available therapies.

No, I don’t think we all sit around all the holiday looking for something to do but if you have a few minutes it is worth the reading…

Thanks for sharing! Fortunately I still function well enough to stay employed, but I imagine my co-workers and loved ones would certainly recognize this...as I describe the "difficulty word finding" -- my brain holds nouns hostage. We had a new member in the narc support group last week; when she asked if memory issues were a problem, we all kinda chuckled...