What Difference Can One-Dollar-A-Year Make?

I just learned that, as a member of this community, I can give a maximum $1 donation to Ben's Friends and make a big difference for others! http://www.indiegogo.com/BensFriends2013

In just five years, Bensfriends.org has built one of the largest patient support organizations in the world. We run 33 discreet support communities that help 25,000+ people worldwide every month. The organization is run on a shoestring budget and is financed by voluntary contributions from people around the globe. And volunteer moderators, who are also patients, make the communities a warm and informative destination for patients of rare diseases.

YOU too can make a difference!

Please support our activities in 2013 by donating to our fundraiser. Without financial support, Ben’s Friends cannot exist. We really need your help! Any amount, however small, will greatly contribute to raising awareness on rare diseases, empowering patients and connecting them to needed resources.

As a member, this support group was built for you. Now you have the opportunity of helping ease other's suffering within just a few clicks. The biggest contribution you can make is to share our story, your story.

Follow this link to donate or to find more information:http://www.indiegogo.com/BensFriends2013.