Weather, migraines and narcolepsy

So, part of what I have dealt with. Is when the is a storm I get a migraine almost every time. When I get a migraine I get very weak and have to fight to stay awake. Sometimes I lose my equilibrium. so, when that happens I can’t walk a straight line, got to hold on to stuff and sometimes I end up walking backwards when I’m trying to walk forward. I also lose the word’s I’m trying to say. Has anyone else dealt with anything like that?

Hi Rachel - weather definitely plays a part for me. Migraines are awful, so I can completely understand why you have to sleep when you have a migraine. I too lose the equilibrium in my ears and it sometimes feels like the world flipped upside down; like it takes a minute for my eyes to catch up to what I'm looking at. I also find that sometimes my vision is connected to the narcolepsy or cataplexy in that if I look a certain way (typically to the far right) it causes my right eye to droop and me to feel that "slipping away" to sleep.

I have been getting migraines a lot lately after never getting them before, we figured it was because the weather was changing so dramatically in so little time, it would mess my head up. When I get migraines, they are the ones where you cannot move at all. I hate it, but I haven't had one in a while. But I understand what your talking about

When I'm falling asleep my speech gets effected. When I'm getting a migraine my speech is effected.I get weak with sleep and weak with migraine. The causes are different but the symptoms overlap. Research says some migraines have to do with "spreading cortical depression", and I'm curious if that is like a sleep state? I'll ask my doc

I've had migraines for over 30 years, and I'm still learning about them (and me). Atmospheric pressure changes are usually a trigger that happened even before I had narcolepsy. Drugs and sleep are the best way to get through them.

However, when I am tired, with or without a migraine, I have difficulty forming some words. It also happens when I'm insecure (or intimidated) when speaking--it's like I lose control of my tongue for a second or two or three. This was a huge change that came with narcolepsy. And don't ask me to walk a straight line when I have a migraine! I wander all over and seem to lose most of the vision in my right eye.