Understanding Mental Illness a Little More

If you are inclined to believe that mental health services in our country are sub-par and severely underfunded, you may want to check out the following website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness:


One of the last initiatives NAMI funded was a campaign to engage legislators in a discussion about the rights of the mentally ill and when it is appropriate for family members to intervene. Studies show that allowing family members to intervene and seek treatment for relatives who have no belief or understanding that they have a mental illness or are in danger of hurting themselves or others has been an effective tool in keeping the violent, mentally ill individuals out of jail and preventing violent tragedies in families.

We have all struggled with some form of mental anguish at some point in our lives. The mentally ill suffer every day with anguish, confusion and convoluted thinking. Supporting this organization or just getting on their mailing list is a great way to become more educated in recognizing the warning signs that usually precede psychotic episodes in the mentally ill patient.