This is one for your family and friends to read. Deadly serious with a little humour too

13 Things People With Chronic Illness Wish You Understood

When you hear the phrase “chronic illness,” it likely conjures up images of a sweet old granny baking cookies or knitting despite her arthritis. The thing is, chronic illness isn’t limited to just the elderly. The University of Michigan Center for Managing Chronic Disease defines it as “a long-lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured,” and includes things like arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases and more.Though chronic illness is more common in older adults, teens aren’t invincible. Certain chronic conditions can develop at any age. Many of these illnesses are also invisible, meaning that you can’t tell someone has one unless they explicitly tell you so. Here’s what you need to know:

I watched this a couple of times. I liked the slide where the actress is saying "what is your problem?" and it repeats. It made me laugh because I imagined her as my sisters, and she's a comic actress so it was like she was making fun of them.