Schedule A letter

Hi! I feel like I searched as thoroughly as I could and didn’t find any threads covering Schedule A letters. I’ve worked for Dept. of Veterans Affairs for 10 years. I am starting to look for a new position. First time since I was diagnosed with Narc / Cat.

I’m wondering if anyone is familiar with Schedule A letters? I am also a service connected combat veteran, so I’m not sure if I need a Schedule A letter for the hiring process, but not sure how to explain some things in an interview, or if I am fortunate enough to land a spot, once I’m hired. Does that make sense?

Appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks

Hi, I’m going to jump right in. I’m not for sure if I know what a Schedule A letter is. But with that said I will most certainly look it up and look into it that way I can help you with the answer you are looking for. What I do know though is that by asking the question not only will it help you but it may help someone else that will be asking the same kind of question.

Ok. So, now that I have read some more on the kind of letter your asking about. Number one: I would say it depends on what kind of field your looking into going into now as to if you would want to use that or not.
Number two: Remember that you don’t have to tell them about your narcolepsy and they are not allowed to ask.
Number three: It’s up to you what you share or don’t share. You can teach other’s about narcolepsy. Yes, by all means go for it. But don’t feel like you’re in the wrong or small for having narcolepsy. We are very strong. Stronger then sometimes we even know.
I hope this helps and that I stayed on point.
I will also talk with my ZTC tomorrow. In general about the letter and see what she has to say also. I’m going through manager training right now with my job. So, moving from team leader to manager. Training is a month long, right now it’s three day’s of class time and so lots of information.


Thanks for jumping in, and thanks for the feedback, Rachel. As it is, employer / management, are aware and supportive. Schedule A letter is not imperative, but does put me in a smaller pool of candidates.
Job applying for is similar to current position, just at a different VA. I will also investigate with HR and post findings.
Best :slightly_smiling_face: