R e l a x -- User Help is Here!

Handy user help for our new layout is ready for you, and it’s where you can always find it: in the “New User Help” section. Just tap on the New User Help button at the top of your screen. (You may need to scroll down just a wee bit.)

Please let us know below what you think of it. Your comments and suggestions are welcome! Just tap “Reply”.

A printable version of the help document is in the works for those of you who like to have a hard copy on the desk next to you.

Stay safe and well!

Seenie and the ModSupport Team
(Sharon, Merl, TJ, Seenie)

Drop by and admire our easy-on-the-eyes new look! If you haven’t logged on for a while, go to your community, tap on LOG IN, enter your email address, then “Forgot my Password”. You’ll receive instructions about what to do next.


:smiley: I like it even though it is a little difficult navigate using a smartphone versus a computer. Sadly I do not have a computer so my only option is to see it on my smartphone

One thing that you can do on mobile is in your settings is to check the “View in Desktop” (it varies by browser. n chrome it is at the very bottom of the settings menu.