New Here and such

Hi! Just joined. Thanks for the community.

I was diagnosed with N* in 2010. It has been a battle ever since. I am able to survive most days taking my medication and going about with the general feeling of sleepiness.

I try to give myself one day a week (usually on a Saturday or Sunday) where I abstain from my medication, if possible. I do this for 2 reasons. 1) It reminds me why I have to take my medicine. 2) It gives my body a short break from the stimulants.

I graduate in May with my Master's in Social Work. I was diagnosed shortly after starting the program and am grateful for the faculty and staff of my program for their efforts to assist me!

Anyway, that's me!

Congratulations on making it through school and then, achieving such a milestone as receiving a Master's degree. You are a success story! I am so glad your meds are working for you. Good luck in your chosen profession. Perhaps, you will be able to help someone with this illness throughout your career by recognizing the signs.