I don't know what to do next

I think I need some help. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, and after all that time I have found that whatever medicine I’m on, sucks! It’s 50/50, because I don’t just have severe Narcolepsy, I have the bonus of PTSD. My N came from a mild traumatic brain injury, while in Iraq. I was a very good soldier. I trained so hard,and this tall skinny guy,because and PT stud. I had gained 38lbs of muscle, and felt great. When I got out, I keep training,had self confidence, leadership skills, humility,great work ethics. But I had my problems too. PTSD was the biggest, but working out kept me motivated and my stress and depression was under control. However that’s after my relationship with my son’s mom fell apart. I had picked myself up and started over. And I felt great about it, and was doing great. But life does that, right. Gives you hope, a vision of the future. Then stomps your face in the ground. Everything I had worked so hard for was taken, and as much as I want it back, I can’t have it. I was blessed to find another wonderful woman and we now have a beautiful baby boy. However with so many problems lock in one body, a girl could only take so much. So now I live alone. I do have shared custody with my son’s and I get a lot of time with them, but on the days I don’t have them, I find myself sitting alone and the depression floods in. I’m not working, I want to, but I live in a rural area. There isn’t anything here for me, that would work with narcolepsy. I can’t move away, because I won’t leave my sons. I had a great business I want to start, but can’t stay awake long enough to figure out how to get it started. And I can’t just off myself because not only do I feel the soldier I was in my heart, I have two beautiful sons that I will never leave. So instead, I just sit here. I have nightmares of war, intensified by the narcolepsy. Depression from both, to much infantry pride to break down, and no where to go for help. So what do I do now?

Your condition slows you down. It doesn't have to stop you. Take it one small step at a time. You'll be surprised what you can achieve in small steps... What kind of business you want to start?

It’s going to be a residential K9 search, for families that fear that there children might be doing drugs, and for people that are housing someone returning from rehab. There is no police involvement,giving the parents a chance to intervene first, before it gets too far. I went to a school and became a police k9 training and I have a great dog for the job. Just haven’t gotten it started. I have a group from WWP, to get it started. Just takes time.

It sounds like an interesting idea. Does your group from WWP have experience with the basics of starting a business? Are you in contact with any foundation whose goal is trying to prevent addiction? May be you can find help from such foundation...

It's OK that it takes time. Any step you make towards your goal should be enjoyable.