For our members in Australia: Julie Flygare flies the Narcolepsy flag on Australian TV

Live TV Narcolepsy Interview on The Daily Edition in Australia
by JULIE on NOVEMBER 24, 2014
Tomorrow, I will be interviewed on live TV in Australia, sharing my story of narcolepsy on The Daily Edition. Aussie friends, be sure to tune in – it airs on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014 at 2:00 pm on Channel 7. The narcolepsy segment is scheduled to air around 2:30 pm.

I’m excited to visit The Daily Edition’s studio in Los Angeles tomorrow to film the interview. What a fantastic opportunity to raise narcolepsy awareness! I’m honored to share my first-hand experience as a narcolepsy patient, spokesperson and author.

Great news Julie ! I hope we in the U.S. can find the interview online. Can you ask themif they are posting it online and where?

Good luck and do us all proud !!!!



Sorry I left that bit out. She will be letting everyone in the US and those of us in the rest of the world (UK in my case) know later how to view the interview.

The more people understand narcolepsy the better. It’s called a disability for a reason…

Be strong all, moment by moment and you will make it through :slight_smile:

Love and peace to all you dear brave souls!