Did I do to much?

Hi y’all :slight_smile: so, yestardy day I was cleaning my home with my kid’s and husband. I took break’s and I slept for about fifteen minutes and would start back. We noticed each time I went back to do more cleaning. The time I was able to do stuff was getting shorter then when I started. So, we took the kid’s to the movies. The movie was about two hours long. Then we went to a small store did some shopping. Took about 20 minutes. When we got home I almost didn’t make it IP the stairs. As soon as we got in I found my chair and fell asleep. Last night I could not fall asleep tell 12:30am. And had to wake up at 6:00am. So, right now I’m a wake but I fell like I’m forgetting stuff.

Sounds like you just had a busy day in general! Sometimes I have days that I can tons done with no issue but other times it just is a day for rest. I’m hoping today is a busy one for me. :))

I would say from my experience WE always do Too much.
I pay days afterwards for doing that (too much) in one

I have insomniea with my narcolepsy and still trying
to learn my limits…
Best wishes, your not alone in that problem.

Take care,

Thank you so much :slight_smile: one day at a time. It help’s to know we are not alone thank you :slight_smile:

Great! That’s why we are all here to help each other
Navigate the different things that come up day by day,

I struggle with my energy boundaries also. I function relatively normally one day or two or three (or maybe just an hour or so), and then I need to rest for some time. I can never tell which it will be, so I do my best to adjust accordingly and allow it. It's not always easy; and I often feel as though I am moving through molasses as I go through my day. Meds don't work consistently for me, so there is little relief there. It really helps when I visit this site and know that what I'm going through is not unusual, and I'm not alone and neither are you.