Co-morbidity and Nacrolepsy

Something I have noticed is that many of us with Narcolepsy also have other health conditions. I find a lot of the time that individuals I come across tend to have autoimmune diseases or connective tissue diseases. Another common issue I have heard people bring up is autonomic problems. Does anyone in here have other health conditions along with Narcolepsy?

I have several health issues, that is why I am curious.

Hello Dancermom,

Yes I have many other medical issues. Good sleep is very important for good health.

This link is the "Bond Study"

Which details some of the co "morbidties" and the costs related to treating people with narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease and autoimmune disease commonly presents in many areas for people...

You are not alone in this. Our efforts and goals should be directed towards living the healthiest lifestyle possible for us. It's not really hard when you consider "how badly does this affect me". Most people I think would do what ever necessary to promote and seek their own good health. It's the only thing we have control, nutrition, excersize (I know its spelled wrong my brain is tired :) mental and spiritual nurturing all important for us.

I think one of the keys is to "stay in the game", not give up, do all that you can and accept what you can't do or what we fail at. Narcolepsy is a wonderfully humbling disease.... Made me admit to myself and others my disability, the last thing I want to do. My speech, cognitive and memory all are affected sometimes....

From Wiki:

"many people with narcolepsy also suffer from insomnia for extended periods of time...."

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I know I personally struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. One time I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a heat attack, that’s when I found out I had anxiety problems.

Hello All,
Yes - Anxiety attacks…, the illness is so unpredictable I think they are/would be common. I try to keep my stress level low and be aware of what “works for me” by not letting others put me in an “uncomfortable situations”. Sleeping when ever I need to…

It’s a “different life we live”…

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The three diagnoses that give me the most trouble are narcolepsy, migraines, and depression. When all three are severe the challenge feels nearly insurmountable. In my medical record Sjogren’s and a rheumatoid factor in some bloodwork is flagged, I’ve had immunotherapy for allergies, and a Dx of ADHD which has some symptoms shared with narcolepsy. I forget about these because I’m busy struggling with the “big three”.

If you were to substitute ‘erythromelalgia’ which is my number one autoimmune disease, for ‘narcolepsy’ in Carol’s comment, it could have been written by any one of a number of members in the Ben’s Friends erythromelalgia group. That’s the way it often goes with autoimmune conditions:(

Yes! Our systems are so compromised by this disease, I don't think we even realize the extent of what it does. I am so grateful to all of you for sharing your stories and struggles. I often get depressed about my situation, even knowing there are others like me. The people who are here consistently in my life just don't get it. Out of all of the conditions I have, Narcolepsy has to be the one of the most devastating and hardest to manage. It often keeps me from properly managaing my other conditions properly.

Support groups are a necessity for survival with this disease.

have heart problems and had to have back surgury in 09'

I have been diagnosed with narcolepsy b-12 deficiency conversion disorder chronic pain I also deal with migraines panic attack and spurts of depression. But I often wonder if they missed something bc since nov 2013 I rapidly have become worse where I am now looking into home health while spouse is at work and daycare for my little girl bc I started having the automatic behavior attacks. Should I consult another doc. For a second opinion?