BF Newsletter and Lead Emails

BF Newsletter

Have you opted to receive the BF Newsletter yet? If not, here are some good reasons to do so.

I have been receiving the BF Newsletter regularly, usually around the 20th of the month, and it:

  • Keeps me aware of the progress the rare disease support sites other than this one,
  • Updates me on activities in the pipe for the communities,
  • Reminds me that we are part of a larger community of patients looking to help each other through collective support and experience.
  • Leads me to very interesting people featured from other communities.

So if you haven't been receiving the BF Newsletter, now's the right time to do so. Go to your profile and tick the Receive BF Newsletter option. You won't regret it.

Lead Emails

Another thing, I also receive lead emails to content on the sites I joined in. I must say the moderators on our sites are doing a great job, volunteers as they are, in coming up with catchy lead emails. Here are some samples from Living with Fibromyalgia site:

The leads are not only catchy (Peek-a-boo? Gave up something you love?) but also gives me an idea of what to anticipate in the article.

Great job, moderators!