What kind of music cheers you up?

i go back to the music I first fell in love with, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald and all the jazz greats for instance

What genre, era, artist do you turn to for comfort? No right or wrong answer possible!

I relied on George Harrison for a long time, Nel. Stevie Wonder, too.

I don't know if opera and classical "cheer me up," but I love them, too. I just sold my piano today. I needed to do it, but it makes me a little sad. Time to put on George or Stevie...

I am most likely to entertain myself with classical music and that’s what I play in the car too but to put a smile on my face on a difficult day it will be the likes of Ray Charles or Louis Armstrong. I never really moved on after the 60s:)
It must be hard to sell up dancermom…
Our very old and beloved piano is beyond repairing but it’s still there, still sounds beautiful but only plays the middle two octaves.

I love upbeat music. Anything that will keep me awake lol. Go figure. I cannot stand slow music, I used to but now I just can't.

I guess it depends what kind of mood I'm in or how tired I am. But I can always relax listening to some Pink Floyd!

Oh memories! We already had tickets for a Pink Floyd concert in Kyoto when we were living in Japan and were making a short trip to Tokyo. We left the train and, as it pulled out, there on the opposite platform was the entire Pink Floyd with their entourage. 44 years later I am still thinking ‘Wow!’.

Road trip music of my teenage sons. I can’t remember the names of the bands except System of a Down. If I hear their music from our trip (playing on somebody else’s car radio) it makes me smile! And I like Woody Guthrie folk songs.

There are memories attached to every bit of music I find. I love 60s pop music but the early 60s was a painful time for me and I feel more sadness than enjoyment listening say to the Beatles. Music, like a particular smell, transports us to a different place.

Hey Nel I think that makes you a bit of a
Celebrity! I love Pink Floyd!

I don’t know how to post a picture on here but there’s one in My Photos of my scrapbook at the time!